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With new real estate property comes insurances and basic utilities like water, electricity, and internet access, and property insurances. We take care of getting the best offers for your insurances and utilities, and help you prepare and submit your applications,

Pricing: combined one-time fee of €250,00.


We help you with all aspects of finding the best offers based on your specific needs, preparing the documentation, and contracting the services. We will also support you with customer service if you run into any problems with the provider.


If you have taken a mortgage to finance your new property, normally a home insurance comes with it. Typically these are over priced, and do not provide great coverage. Since it is not obligatory, Canary Home Invest helps you find the best option for your money. Also if your property will be rented out long-term or with vacation rentals, it is very much recommended to take an insurance to cover for that.

Utilities & Insurances: Services


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